Why hire us?

Why hire us?

Tickets and Fines Aren’t the Only Expense! In order to reduce parking violations expenses, many businesses seek legal counsel. However, maneuvering through New York City’s parking violations legal system requires specialized training which, by itself, is expensive.

The costs of training and keeping staff current in this specialized but essential area of law is not something many companies have as an option.

We have the solution. By out- sourcing your parking ticket defense work to Stillman Law Offices, you can reduce your overhead while greatly benefiting from Stillman’s expertise in parking ticket management and litigation.

Simple Parking Tickets can add up to Serious Problems.

Companies that operate or lease motor vehicles in New York City know that parking is tough.
Tickets are inevitable. And at over $100 each, getting a lot Of tickets adds up to some serious money.

But it doesn’t stop there! If tickets aren’t paid in a timely fashion, additional fines and penalties can accrue rapidly. Mistakes and delays can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars!